Frequently Asked Questions

For 100% transparency, you receive your ticket number(s) via e-mail and can come back and see them on your account any time, directly after placing your order. You will almost certainly know your ticket numbers before we do! We feel this is the best way to earn your trust, so that you can continue playing with us safe in the knowledge that everything is upfront and legitimate.

We use Googles random number generator to choose the winning numbers during our live draws on social media. Should you miss the draw, fear not! We will upload a recording of the live draw to our social media platforms at our earliest opportunity for you to watch back if you wish. We will contact the winners either during or just after the live draw and arrange for the prize to be received.

These will take place fortnightly, on Thursday evenings at 20:30 (8:30 pm). Please check out our website competitions which also detail when the live draws take place. As we grow juicier, we would like to offer more and therefore conduct more prize draws. Keep supporting us and look out for further updates!

Yes. All that we would kindly ask is that you send us a photo of you with your prize once received. This will enable us to display your juicy smile on our winner's page! This will certainly make us happy that we've 'juiced up your life'! We want those playing with us to know that people really do win our prizes, so a big thank you from us to you in the outset.
The show must go on! This means that the draw takes place regardless of the number of tickets sold. This ultimately means even better chances to win on competitions that already have fantastic odds, should the prize competition not sell out!
We will use Google number generator again to draw another number. If needed, we repeat the process until someone wins! The reason for this is ultimately transparency. We want you to receive your ticket numbers as soon as your order is placed. The idea of filtering out all unused ticket numbers upon the competition ending on our website would be a little more streamlined, although not transparent enough for us, hence why we've decided to issue your ticket numbers at the point of sale. Plus, we feel it'll add to the excitement of the live draw!


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