Charities we support

Here at Juicy, we want to support worthy causes, of which there are many. The following two charities hold a soft, juicy spot in our hearts! Of course, by playing with us, you are doing your bit to support these charities, although we have provided a link for both should you wish to find out more about them, or donate exclusively:

Diabetes UK champions the rights of people with diabetes to ensure they get the standards of healthcare they deserve, providing support for those living with diabetes, in addition to funding vital medical research into the condition. It’s a little-known fact that managing diabetes is ingrained in the life of Juicy Competitions! So, if we can help do our bit to support the ongoing work Diabetes UK perform, this can only be a good thing for a condition that only seems to be getting more prevalent. Our donations will be publicised on our website as we make them.

The pets at home foundation provides supports for national animal welfare organisations and re-homing centres through grants and fund-raising events. The charity also operates small animal adoption centres in many of the Pets at Home stores. Here at Juicy, we love animals of all shapes and sizes! That’s why we pledge to donate a percentage of our profits to the pets at home foundation. Our donations will be publicised on our website moving forwards.


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